microfoonI work in my own professional studio. I love my AudioTechnica 4047 SVSM microphone. Look at it: it's a beauty, and the sound is perfect! I can send you a custom demo if you like, I make it today for you!

What kind of projects?

For what kind of projects can you use my voice? A few of the possibilities:

  • As voiceover for a corporate movie
  • Promo for your product, like this one: Promo
  • Cartoon animation
  • Animation voor corporatie movies, like this one Animation corporate movie
  • Commercials (hard sell or soft sell, local, regional and national)
  • Tutorials & eLearning
  • Dubbing
  • Voice responce systems

What does a voice over cost?

For a local radio commercial, the investment is approx € 75, - and for a national TV commercial approx € 600, -. And the rest? Somewhere in between. Naturally, a voice over for a small tutorial or Iphone app, costs less than a big elearning program with lots of sentences.

In other words, call / email / twitter / app me for a quote for your project. Contact