Dutch female voice over: Fresh and enthousiastic!

As a Dutch female voiceover, I am often asked for my clear and enthusiastic voice. For e-learning, business explanation, video promo, commercial, etc. My clients call my voice warm and fresh, honest and convincing. My Dutch voice will give your product (elearning or business) a unique sound. I work as a voice-over and voice actor, from my own studio and on location. Feel free to have a listen, see if you like my sound, and don’t hesitate to download an audio file. Would you like a custom demo? Please just ask! I will gladly make a (free) custom demo for your video project.

Explainer video for Microsoft with my voice  

Tv commercial: my voice as voiceover 

So when is a voiceover used? There are many different products for which you can use a professional voice. For instance, I am regularly asked for web video’s, e-learning, audio books, commercials for radio and tv, or specifically a web commercial that will only be shown on YouTube. An external voice can also be asked for an IVR (voice response); the well-known automated phone system. When you call Albelli, you’ll hear me!

Ask for information

When you decide to work with a professional voiceover, your first question will most likely be:

Should I choose a male or a female voiceover?

I am often asked whether it is better to use a male or a female voiceover for a video. The short answer is: neither voice is better than the other. Both voices do have characteristics that determine the match with your specific video, or e-learning, or commercial. Knowing these characteristics allows you to make the right choice.

Female Voiceovers

Female voices are often asked because of the positive aspects of a female voice: Dutch female voices come across as more reliable, they create empathy and are credible, and we associate them with terms such as kind, gentle, loving, caring, honest, cheerful, cozy, enthusiastic. (I guess that's why I did the dutch voiceover for elearning for childcare, recently)

Certain products or brands are real women’s brands. A male voice is (generally) not credible for those types of products or brands, for example Always’ sanitary products (I did a web commercial for them) or a body cream. Conversely, a female voice does not 'work' for a men's product, such as beer or tools, even though women also use those (really)!

In the media world. household cleaning products or interior products are typical women's issues that are often accompanied by a female voice. I am quite emancipated myself, but the VoiceOver business isn’t yet! Here is a video of a cleaning product, in which you hear my Dutch  female voice.


Male Voiceovers

While a (dutch) female voice is considered to be emphatic and friendly, male voices are often considered to be authoritative and domineering. So it all boils down to the message that you want to convey in your video and to your audience!

The voice that fits the audience you want to appeal to best, is the best choice for your voice over. So a female voiceover for make-up and a male voiceover for DIY products. And in that line, using a child’s voice for toys can work well! Even though I personally hate thinking in stereotypes, it actually does work!


Other sounds are also heard: female voices sometimes actually do work well for men’s issues (unfortunately, I can’t remember the study in question). Sometimes, you don’t want to follow the ‘regular’ rules and you do want the voice you weren’t supposed to pick! To surprise or to show the video from another perspective. Or maybe to reach another audience than expected.

This is reflected in my work. I’ve been asked for multiple ‘typical men’s issues’ (Technical University, Fire brigade, construction company), such as these. Maybe some (or all? ;-) ) issues are simply explained and sold better by a woman than by a man!

But a male voiceover for women’s issues is still a no go. Please, don’t let any man get involved in panty liners!

Unisex video?

Fortunately, not all commercials, e-learning, and movies are for either men or women. But how can you decide on a voice in those cases?

When you’re looking for a voice, it is important to pay attention to several characteristics:

  • Age: You may have already decided on the age of the voice for your voiceover. My voice ranges between 20 and 45 years. My voice can sound younger: I did a web commercial this year, in which I was a seventeen-year-old girl (keeps me young!). The voice’s age is also important when you’re looking for a voice for an audio book and you want the voice to have the same age and the same sex as the main character. For example, the book ‘Wild’ (beautiful book, by the way!):


  • Tone of Voice: This may be the most important one. Does the voice that you are looking for fit the product? How do you want the voice to come across? Friendly and cozy, or rather businesslike and formal? Are you looking for the girl next door or rather for the serious news-anchor voice? Clients are often looking for “fresh, enthusiastic, and yet also businesslike and friendly”. Quite a mouthful and I always manage to make it sound as intended. My tone of voice is very flexible, depending on what you want in your video. I can explain or even complain a little, I can come across as businesslike, and my favorite: "enthusiasm, but not too much”. I'm also often asked for somewhat old-fashioned products that can use some more flair (Pick me, pick me!). I’m the icing on the cake, well, umm .. you know what I mean.
  • Text comprehension: Quite an open door. As a ‘voice,’ you need to understand the text, and place the right accents and use proper silences. You also need to know how the words are pronounced. Sounds logical, but seriously, you don’t want to know how often a voice is just off.

It’s actually weird that I’m putting this in writing, being the Dutch female voiceover, because you obviously just want to know what I sound like! Well, I’d say, play the videos and listen to the sound of my voice to see of it matches your web video, e-learning, promo, commercial, or whatever else you’re looking for. Again, if you’d like a custom demo for your business video explanation, promo, e-learning or commercial, please feel free to call or email me and I’ll make a customized demo for you for free.